Key Takeaways From First UFO Public Hearing; We Might Not Be Alone Afterall

Key Takeaways From First UFO Public Hearing; We Might Not Be Alone Afterall


During the first-ever public congressional hearing on UFO sightings, top defense officials and lawmakers discussed the growing number of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and expressed concern that any unexplained aerial phenomenon might be a security threat. The meeting was held at the United States House Intelligence Counterterrorism and was attended by top Pentagon intelligence officials to discuss Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). The webcast for the open hearing has now been posted online.

Key Takeaways From First UFO Public Hearing; We Are Not Alone!

During the rare open hearing on unidentified aerial phenomena, Congressman André Carson (D-Ind.) admitted that the citizens deserve their leaders to seriously evaluate and respond to any potential national security risks – especially those of unidentified nature. “I am pleased to chair the first open Intelligence Committee hearing on these events. It will give the American people an opportunity to learn what there is to know about these incidents,” said Chairman Carson.

Key Takeaways From First UFO Public Hearing; We Are Not Alone!

The following are some key findings and takeaways from the historic public hearing on the most controversial topic in human history.

• Top officials stressed the much-needed transparency on the critical matter. Mr Carson, Democratic Representative and the chairman of the panel said, “UAPs are real and need to be studied and investigated as they can be a potential threat to the national security”.

• Military and top Pentagon intelligence officials have admitted that there are flying objects out there (UFOs or UAPs) that are real and can’t be explained in some cases. Ronald Moultrie, a top Pentagon intelligence official said that through “rigorous” analysis, most – but not all – UAPs can be identified. “Any object we encounter can likely be isolated, characterised, identified and, if necessary, mitigated,” Mr Moultrie said.

• Few events with no possible explanation were discussed during the open hearing. One such incident happened in 2004 when fighter pilots operating from an aircraft carrier in the Pacific encountered a UAP. The unidentified aircraft seemed to have descended tens of thousands of feet before stopping and hovering.

• Top officials publicly streamed and discussed another similar incident, which shows an object flying past a US Navy fighter jet. The military leaders admitted that the object and its significance remain unexplained.

• Some other similar events were discussed and it was admitted that the flying characteristics and manoeuvre capabilities of such objects are beyond human understanding. A handful of UAPs defied the laws of gravity and the current technologies available to humans cannot explain their flying patterns and the overall functionality.

• Scott Bray, the deputy director of naval intelligence said that there were no attempts made to communicate with such possible extraterrestrial objects. However, he also said, “We have detected no eliminations within the UAP task force that…would suggest it’s anything non-terrestrial in origin”.

• Officials also encouraged pilots to report UAP sightings reporting, which is crucial for national security. Pilots who report such incidents will not be laughed out but treated as witnesses.

• Rick Crawford, an Arkansas Republican highlighted the need to study ‘Hypersonic weapons’ from China and Russia, which are unmanned aerial objects often

While this was the first open hearing on UFO sightings, officials mentioned a closed-door meeting in order to discuss the issue further. Officials said that the details of the classified meeting will not be shared with the public to ensure national security and not hide the truth.

We are pleased that a world leader is now openly accepting the UFO sightings and is eager to investigate one of humanity’s greatest mysteries, regardless of what the details are.

This brings us to the question, are we alone in the cosmos? Let us know your thoughts and views on the mind-baffling topic, which has baffled humans since we accepted the existence and the universe.

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