‘Gross’ Prince Harry ‘attacking the entire family’: report

‘Gross’ Prince Harry ‘attacking the entire family’: report

Experts have voiced disdain for ‘gross’ Prince Harry and his attacks against the ‘entire Royal Family’ with comments about Queen Elizabeth’s protection claim.

Royal biographer Angela Levin made this claim while talking with TalkTV host Julia Hartley-Brewer.

She was quoted saying, “I think it’s such a gross insult, not just on her majesty, who we can see is not in great shape, but he’s attacking the whole family I think.”

“And particularly, he’s attacking Prince Charles and Prince William because they’re the closest to them.”

“He’s also attacking all the doctors who’ve been looking after [the Queen] meticulously for the last couple of years.”

“He’s attacking all the aides. No one, it seems, is able to look after her but him, as if he knows how to do it.”

Before concluding, she also accused Prince Harry of “upsetting [the Queen] more than anyone else besides Prince Andrew”.

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